DC Isolator Mail Switch SISO-40MD 4P 1000VDC

DC Isolator Switch
SISO-40MD DC Isolating Switch

• Model: SISO-40
• Standard: IEC60947-3
• Certificate: CE, TUV, IEC, ROHS
• Rated Voltage: DC1000V
• Rated Current: 16A, 25A, 32A up to 1500V DC
• Poles: 4P


Generally speaking, the voltage on the DC side of the PV system usually is higher, could be as high as 1000VDC. So we need switchgear of Ue=1000VDC. The branch circuit in combiner box needs protection, while the main circuit equipment in the combiner box and DC cabinet need isolating function.

1. DIN Rail Mounting Type solar DC Isolator switch with a load of 1000VDC or remote operation function. In addition, it needs to install switchgear.

2. On the DC side of the inverter cabinet to switch with loads, plays a role of isolation for overhauling. DC Isolator switch with MC4 connector.

3. DC Isolator switch with MC4 connector. SISO-32 DIN Rail Mounting Type Solar Isolator Switch / PV Isolator / DC Isolator.